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Fold & Go Mini Dollhouse

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Enjoy a "home away from home" with this delightful wooden dollhouse. Two flexible, wooden play figures live in this house, complete with 11 pieces of wooden furniture. The dollhouse opens for easy access and folds closed for convenient storage.

Top Pick For Special Needs

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Have kids count the number of rooms in the dollhouse, number of windows, stairs on the staircases, etc.
  • Have kids identify shapes on the dollhouse: squares, rectangles, hearts, triangles, etc.
  • Have kids identify the colors on the dollhouse.
  • Display several pieces of furniture, then ask kids to identify each piece and the room where each piece belongs.
  • Secretly remove a piece of furniture from a room. Close the dollhouse, show kids the furniture piece, and ask them which room room it belongs in.


Dimensions: 13.13" x 10.63" x 6.13"

Recommended for Ages 3+

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