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Clayzee Eraser Tops Kit

Clayzee Eraser Tops Kit

Manufacturer: Clayzees
MPN: 454227
SKU: C7007
Price: $14.99
This item is out of stock
Clayzee Eraser Tops Kit

Create your own stylish and colorful erasers with this eraser clay kit.
Simply fill the molds with the colors you desire or make your own imaginative sculptures, then microwave and you have a custom eraser to decorate and use.

Kit includes:
12 colors of eraser clay (9 grams of each), 
3 molds (cupcake, car, and bear), 
3 pencil holders,
Decorations (googly eyes and rhinestones), 
Roller tool,
2 other sculpting tools,
Eraser maker microwaveable container
Picture instructions.

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